Memories from Malawi - Mary McElroy


Below is a podcast of Mary McElroy recounting her memories of Malawi.

You may ask, ”Why travel to Africa? Could we not have  the Malawipartnership without the expense of travel?” The answer is “yes”. However, a personal visit is worth a thousand words! It takes you to the warm heart of a new culture and enables you to see the face of Christ in a new dimension. It is good to hear about their people and their way of life but it is far greater to walk with them and experience first hand their love and hospitality.

There are many things I learned by walking and living with them that could not have be experienced with e-mail or written documents.

I will share just a few…..

·        The Women’s Guild would always greet me with a welcome song
·        No matter where we walked we sang with the joy of the Lord!

·        Worship services were filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit and lasted as long as it took!  2-5 hours

·        Their prayers were sincere—not seeking creature comforts—but centered on a closer walk with God, thankfulness for God’s love, a desire to love others more, and strength to resist Satan.

·        They are gift-givers. Out of their need they generously share with others.

·        Visits to the elderly or ill always included a worship service, gifts of basic supplies and an offering which was left with them.


·        Children are eager to learn. They walk for miles to be a part of a class of 150-300, sit on the cement and listen intently to the teacher.


·        Children up in the mountains had not seen white people so eagerly left their classroom to welcome me.


·        The children followed me everywhere we went, anxious to ‘play’ with me.

·        They are quite happy being who they are. They are not controlled by a clock on the wall. No stress over tight schedules!  

 Yes, a walk with our Malawian brothers a sisters is worth a thousand words. It changes the inner soul and gives new meaning to a life with Christ. True happiness is found only in relationships, not material possessions. Receiving the love of Christ through our partners is truly life changing. Let’s continue to build this relationship through this personal touch as we walk together to “Serve the Lord with gladness and come before His presence with singing.” Psalm 100:2




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